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What do we do?

We provide consultancy services for applied observability software solutions, empowering businesses with real-time data insights to optimize performance and address operational challenges.

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    Business Activity Monitoring

    Introducing Kassette , our revolutionary product that uncovers and measures issues and bottlenecks in your business processes. Gain valuable insights, optimize workflows, and drive efficiency with ease.

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    and Trace everything

    We use Istio and Apache Skywalking to provide best-in-class monitoring and support for your estate.

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    Common Data Platform

    Streamline and automate your data transformation processes with our powerful service, enabling seamless conversion, integration, and enrichment of data for enhanced analytics and decision-making.

Case Studies

Some of our happy clients

  • HMPO


    The sole issuer of UK passports, issuing around 7 million passports and handling over 30 million papers each year. As part of its 2020 transformation programme, HMPO aimed to become a modern, digital business, helping customers to easily interact with them online.

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  • KnownOrigin


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  • Azure Kubernetes

    Azure Kubernetes

    MetaOps took an engagement with a Public Services Client to implement support of Docker Containers in their existing Azure-hosted Platform and migrate 40+ existing Microservices into Docker. Broad constraints and requirements set by the Client: Use existing Azure Network Use Terraform as a primary Infrastructure as a Code Tool Use Git version control and Jenkins […]

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Team Members

Who we are

Jim Collins

Jim Collins

Software Architecture

Jim has over 16 years of experience developing teams and software. His background is in building highly secure environments for FinTech and Government clients. Currently working with Rust, Flutter and Dart.
Usually found within 20 metres of a tennis court.

Andrey Kozichev

Andrey Kozichev

Infrastructure Architect

Andrey is a seasoned infrastructure Architect and DevOps evangelist. Designed and implemented Cloud Platforms for Yahoo, HSBC, Home Office and Ministry of Justice. Built DevOps Teams from the ground up and equally familiar with building on bare metal and the latest cloud tech.

Rohit Gokhale

Rohit Gokhale

Head Of DevOps

Rohit is an outstanding DevOps and SRE expert who has worked across Public Sector and Private Organisations. Has built multiple DevOps Teams and established 24x7 Operations in a traffic-heavy live environment.

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