Blox: Ingesting Xero Data with Airbyte

Blox is an innovative platform that empowers businesses through the transformative power of strategic planning and modeling. It offers a number of pre-built models that help businesses identify and optimise key drivers of performance, empowering executives to craft ambitious plans and achieve remarkable outcomes.

Blox considered using Airbyte to extract their customers' data from Xero into an AWS Postgres Database. However, since the primary feature of synchronising Xero Journals was missing in the Airbyte Xero Connector, Blox engaged MetaOps to implement this missing functionality and deploy Airbyte in their AWS Cloud.

Within days, MetaOps developed the requested feature and demonstrated its functionality on their sandbox environment. After successful acceptance, Airbyte was deployed in Blox's AWS account with the extended Xero Connector.

The extended connector functionality was contributed back to Airbyte.

MetaOps' fast and straightforward work enabled Blox to adopt Airbyte as their backend replication tool, allowing them to automate data replication for their customers.