Cadenza: Enabling AI solutions with Airbyte

Cadenza, an AI startup specialising in personalised impact reports, sought a solution to ingest customer data efficiently, starting with Sharepoint as a primary data source. As an agile company with limited time for evaluation, they engaged MetaOps to deploy an open-source version of Airbyte on Azure and establish Sharepoint to Azure Storage Account replication.

MetaOps swiftly built the POC environment and configured the replication process. During this phase, we encountered and reported several bugs in the Sharepoint connector to Airbyte. Additionally, MetaOps submitted a fix to enhance the connector's capability to extract data from all sites in Sharepoint, rather than just the main one.

Thanks to MetaOps' rapid deployment and proactive approach to issue resolution, Cadenza received the requested POC environment in record time. This allowed them to comprehensively assess their options and proceed with their delivery plans without any delays.